Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council, 29-30 November 2021

Agenda highlights

EU ministers responsible for education, youth, culture, audiovisual and sport will meet in Brussels to discuss about blended learning, digital education and skills, civic spaces for meaningful youth participation, availability and competitiveness of European audiovisual and media content and a European sport model.

Education and Youth, 29 November 2021

Education and youth ministers will meet in a formal session preceded by a breakfast meeting in the framework of the EU youth dialogue, involving the current trio presidencies as well as the future French presidency, together with the Commission and representatives from European youth organisations.


Education ministers will aim to adopt a recommendation on blended learning. The recommendation encompasses how member states can support education institution combining school site and other physical environments away from the school site, and different digital and non-digital learning tools.

The Council is also expected to approve a resolution on a new agenda for adult learning and a resolution on the governance structure of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training.

Ministers will also hold a debate about a structured dialogue between the EU and member states on digital education and skills.

A working lunch will be organised for the education ministers on investment in education and training during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the afternoon, youth ministers will discuss civic spaces for young people. The policy debate will be focused on how to develop and enhance them. The Council aims to approve as well conclusions on safeguarding and creating civic spaces for young people that facilitate meaningful youth participation.

Ministers are also expected to approve a resolution to ensure that the outcomes of the 8th cycle of the EU youth dialogue are recognised and followed-up by relevant stakeholders. The EU youth dialogue serves as a forum for continuous reflection and for consultation on the priorities, implementation and follow-up of cooperation at EU level in the field of youth.

Ministers are also expected to approve conclusions on the implementation of the EU youth strategy and a resolution on the 2022-2024 work plan in the field of youth.

Culture, Audiovisual and Sport, 30 November 2021

Culture and Audiovisual

The Council is due to approve conclusions on increasing the availability and competitiveness of European audiovisual and media content. Ministers are also expected to approve conclusions on culture, high-quality architecture and built environment as key elements of the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Ministers will also hold a policy debate about cultural heritage and heritage rights in the context of sustainable development and the future of Europe.


Ministers will aim to approve a resolution on key features of a European Sport Model, among other things emphasising that that financial solidarity is an important feature of values-based organised sport. Also on the table is a set of conclusions about lifelong physical activity.

Ministers will also hold a policy debate addressing athletes’ dual careers.

During their working lunch, sport ministers will discuss future challenges in the field of sport and the role of the EU.

Other business

The presidency will also provide an update on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education and training, youth and sport.

The French delegation will share information about their work programme on education, youth, culture and sport of their upcoming presidency (January-June 2022).

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