October 2021: 664 bankruptcies in Belgium

In October 2021, the corporate courts registered 664 bankruptcies. This is a decrease of 1.2% compared to September. The number of bankruptcies registered in October 2021 is higher compared to the same month in 2020 (+8.1%) but lower than the number of bankruptcies in October 2019 (-28.6%).

At a regional level, compared to September 2021, the number of bankruptcies only increased in the Flemish Region (+2.0%), but this number remained clearly below the level of October 2019 (-22.5%).

The number of bankruptcies registered in October 2021 increased compared to September 2021 in six business sectors, but only in the transport and storage sector (59 bankruptcies)

the number of bankruptcies was higher compared to October 2020 (+84.4%) and October 2019 (+5.4%). We have to go back to October 2018 to see such a high number of bankruptcies in this sector (61).

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