Belgium: 15,000 new infections were recorded in one day..a government meeting Friday to announce new measures

The number of Corona infections in Belgium reached frightening numbers, amounting to more than ten thousand cases of Covid 19 virus, as an average daily rate during the last week, and an increase of nearly 40 percent compared to the previous week’s figures, and last Monday only more than 15 thousand were recorded. A new case of infection, according to the latest data issued on Saturday morning by the Belgian Institute of Health The average daily rate of people entering hospitals to receive treatment from Corona also increased and reached 207 cases, an increase of 21 percent compared to the previous week, and the number reached nearly 300 people last Wednesday only, and the number of people in intensive care rooms increased by 27 percent.

During the past week, compared to the week before, the average death rate increased to 24 cases per day For his part, Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek said that there is a government meeting next Friday, to take new measures to confront this matter, adding that there is a necessary need to tighten some measures, including obligating children from the age of nine to wear a muzzle and also inside places where the required distance cannot be adhered to. In order to distance, control must be tightened over possession of a health certificate that proves that a person has received the two vaccines, especially in restaurants and cafes, as well as implementing the conditions for working from home for some institutions and companies.

The minister noted that the Corona figures in his country raise concern, especially after the European Health Institute put Belgium in the list of countries experiencing a worrying situation with regard to injuries, and the figures of educational institutions in the country indicate a doubling of the number of injuries. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

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