More and more countries are turning dark red on the European corona map

Eastern Europe appears darker red on the map of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC). Our country remains completely dark red and there are only a few green places left in Europe Last week, after Wallonia and Brussels, Flanders also turned dark red on the European corona map. Nothing will change for the time being. And our northern neighbors are now following our lead. In the meantime, the Netherlands is turning dark red with the exception of the northern provinces of Groningen and Drenthe. In France we now also see a red spot and the southeast of Germany is now turning deep red. Poland sees dark spots. And in the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece there is virtually no light-colored region to be seen. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania also still color dark red. Portugal is still orange for the time being. Spain is largely orange and still has a few green regions. But red areas are now appearing there too. Italy was almost completely orange last week with some green spots. Those green areas have largely disappeared and a few red regions have been added. Sardinia and Malta are still green. The situation in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland has not changed much. Only the far north in Norway turns dark red. It concerns the provinces of Finnmark and Troms. Denmark had an orange zone last week, but it is currently completely red. Ireland is also still dark red.

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