EU countries must stick to double vaccination as a travel ticket

EU countries are not allowed to impose travel restrictions on corona pass holders who have been double vaccinated. That is what the European Commission says, after Austria announced that a vaccination certificate will soon no longer be valid for those who received their second dose more than nine months ago. In France, people over 65 who do not have a booster shot will also have their corona pass revoked. With a corona pass (‘Digital EU-COVID certificate’) anyone who has been fully vaccinated, has recovered from corona or has taken a negative test can travel freely in the Schengen zone. In various countries, the document is also used to grant access to, for example, catering establishments, cinemas and concert halls. For example, the corona pass was renamed Covid Safe Ticket in Belgium. Now that Austria and France have announced stricter rules, winter sports enthusiasts in particular were frightened. But the Commission put the finishing touches on Wednesday: anyone who has received two doses of the corona vaccine from Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca, or one dose of the Janssen vaccine, must be admitted in all European countries. Travel restrictions may only be imposed when there is a strong local outbreak of the virus, but that rule was clear from the start. Each Member State may determine for itself which conditions are imposed on those who want to enter an indoor space. In that case, a booster shot may be required. In order to avoid an uncoordinated vaccine policy, the Commission is in talks with Member States about the handling of booster shots and a possible update to the travel rules. “You can expect news about this in the coming weeks,” it said on Wednesday. The Commission now asks, first of all, that the Member States coordinate their approach.

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