Brussels: Arab communities and European events await the tenth edition of the “Southern Films” Film Festival

Europe and the Arabs – Brussels

During the first half of October, the Belgian capital will host the activities of the Southern Film Festival, which is one of the artistic and cultural events that enjoy the follow-up and attention of followers of the seventh art and the role it plays in bringing cultures closer and introducing each party to the other, especially in a society known for being multicultural and multilingual, which is the Brussels community. The members of the Arab communities, as well as the actors in the artistic and cultural field, are looking forward to the launch of the festival’s activities because of the activities that it includes, ranging from showing films from Arab, European and other countries, concerts, singing, and seminars for discussion on important topics and in the presence of the makers of artworks that participate in the festival.

In response to the questions of “Europe and the Arabs,” Rashida Sheibani, director of the festival, said, “They registered with gold between October 12 and 15 of the same month, and they joined us in the tenth session of the Southern Film Festival, a session rich with new discoveries, as we have been accustomed to. And she added, “The Southern Film Festival confirms You are determined for the principle of coexistence in a multicultural society, despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on culture and artists. But the crisis opened our eyes to the festival’s commitments and message for coexistence, transparency and a culture of difference. The Southern Film Festival is a film festival that has taken it upon itself to be a festival for purposeful and original cinema.

During the festival, viewers will be allowed to vote for the Audience Award in order to choose the best feature film. On the other hand, a technical committee was formed from young graduates of film institutes under the supervision of director Mark Benbrook-Loutal to select the Short Film Award: Best Screenplay and Best Directing. And she concluded by saying, “Bozar.” With Cinema Vendôme, our honorable audience can discover the films we have selected for them. On the sidelines of the festival, there will be a parallel exhibition of calligraphy, through which we learn about the art of writing, and another exhibition of painting by ten women to celebrate the tenth edition of the festival. . The events include various other films from different countries, including Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Belgium, France and others.

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