Belgium halts evacuations from Kabul after threat of suicide attack

Two Belgian flights with a total of 470 people evacuated from Kabul arrived in Melsbroek

Europe and Arabe – Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre Decroux announced during a press conference in Brussels on Thursday that the ongoing evacuations from Kabul airport had been halted after the government had received information at the military level from American and other sources that there was an imminent threat of a suicide attack at Kabul airport, and accordingly the government decided Belgian halt to evacuations

Two Defense aircraft landed at Melsbroek military airport on Wednesday morning. There were a total of more than 450 evacuated Afghan Belgians and people with a link to our country on board The first aircraft, an Airbus A330 MRTT from the Ministry of Defense, arrived at 8.44 am on Wednesday morning. There were 198 evacuated Afghan Belgians and people with a link to our country on board. The second plane followed around 9:45 a.m. and had 272 passengers on board. The second plane was carrying 202 Afghan Belgians and 70 Dutchmen. There were also three pregnant women on board, one of whom is in her final hours. A mother with a child just 17 days old was also evacuated. A total of 470 passengers on both flights were immediately transferred to Peutie for a safety and medical screening. Three previous flights In recent days, three flights have landed at Melsbroek with evacuees from Afghanistan, with 1,147 people on board. Initially, a list of 580 people who were entitled to an evacuation through our country was used, but that list is constantly evolving, it was told on Tuesday. Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder (PS) also announced that the Belgian evacuation mission Red Kite should be completed on Friday. The Americans have made it clear that the coalition partners in Afghanistan will only have until Friday 27 August for their evacuations. The clock is ticking, as the Americans are not responding to the coalition partners’ request to let go of the August 31 deadline.

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