Plymouth shooting: Suspected gunman and five others die

Six people, including a suspected gunman, have died in a shooting in Plymouth.

Devon and Cornwall Police said three females, two males and the suspect had died in the Keyham area of the city on Thursday evening.

One of the dead was a child under 10, according to an MP, but the shooting is not terror-related, police confirmed.

The death toll means it is the worst mass shooting in the UK for more than a decade.

Emergency services were called to Biddick Drive shortly after 18:00 BST on Thursday.

People were told to stay inside and follow police advice as the emergency response developed.

Eyewitness Sharron, who lives nearby and did not want to give her full name, said what happened was “horrendous and so sad”.

“Firstly, there was shouting, followed by gunshots – three possibly four to begin with,” she said.

“This was when the shooter kicked in the door of a house and randomly started shooting. He ran from the house shooting as he ran and proceeded to shoot at a few people in the linear park up from the drive.”

She said the “shooter proceeded along Royal Navy Avenue still shooting”.

Another witness, Robert Pinkerton, said he “walked around the corner” and “bumped into a bloke with a shotgun”. He said the man was dressed all in black.

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