Swedish PM Lofven names unchanged cabinet

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven reappointed his previous cabinet of Social Democrats and Greens on Friday following his re-election as premier this week.

Lofven resigned last month after losing a no-confidence vote but got re-elected by parliament on Wednesday. He reappointed Social Democrats Magdalena Andersson as finance minister and Ann Linde as foreign minister. L5N2OJ3T3

Lofven will head a weakened government after he was forced to step down and seek new support. He is yet to find sufficient backing to pass a budget and has said he will resign once again if he is unable to get his budget through parliament in the autumn.

The former union boss, 63, has headed a centre-left minority cabinet since a 2018 election which produced a nearly evenly-split parliament and big gains for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, with whom several other parties refuse to deal.

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